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We are mobile and can meet you anywhere!

Corporate Visits, Festivals, Food Truck Rodeos, Sporting Events, School Events

and MORE!

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Fundraising should be a great experience for everyone involved! That's where we come in- we put the "FUN" back in fundraising!

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If you love having fun, eaching Kona Ice, and making people smile, then this is the perfect job for you!

Fresh n' Tasty!

Flavor yourself with our patented Flavorwave! Create any combinations you can think of. We offer 40+ delicious flavors, including sugar free and dye free options!


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Our Kona trucks aren’t just trucks, they’re Kona Entertainment Vehicles. It perfectly describes what we’re all about! Our shaved ice trucks scream fun and excitement from the shiny chrome wheels, the colorful characters and the tropical steel drum music that whisks you away to a tropical paradise.

Does it get any better? Why yes it does! It’s now time to visit the very best feature on our KEV - our patented Flavorwave. The Flavorwave is a row of do-it-yourself spigots that dispense our top 10 most popular flavors!

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